Firefox addon updater is simple application which let you use your favorite addon with latest version of Firefox in case that the addon developing is over but addon is still working well or if developer waits for mozilla blessing. Application changes maximum compatibility version for selected addon. It works with all mozilla addons(*.xpi) included applications like Firefox, Thunderbird, Seamonkey, etc.

Firefox addon updater has no connection with Mozilla Firefox.

Firefox addon updater is freeware, redistribution is recomended:)


Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, .NET Framework 4 or later, Mozilla Firefox 4 or later

Addon, extension or plugin?

Firefox uses multiple names for addon/extension. On Firefox website they call them addons(and extensions as well), when you install it you can found it in Firefox browser by name extension. Its little bit silly but what can we do... I choose addon because Firefox addon site.

Why is Firefox changing version so fast?

Well, someone in Firefox is freaking crazy. Google chrome have version about 20 and Firefox is only about 14. So they think that they must release lot of versions for catching their rivals. Thats really stupid and gay. I hate Firefox so much but Firefox addons have no competition in Chrome addons. Version numbers are changing very fast, so this info will be outdated soon.